iPad Reading Mode: How to Make the Most of Your Tablet’s Features

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By Matthew Simpson

Reading on an iPad can be a joy, especially with its portability and high-resolution display. But, have you ever found yourself squinting at the screen or feeling distracted by all the notifications popping up? Well, iPad’s reading mode is here to save the day! This nifty feature strips away all the unnecessary elements from a web page, leaving you with just the text and images relevant to the article you want to read. It’s easy to enable and makes for a much more comfortable reading experience. Let’s dive into how to get your iPad into reading mode.

How to Enable iPad Reading Mode

Before we get into the specifics, let’s quickly go over what enabling reading mode on your iPad will do. Essentially, it simplifies web pages by removing any ads, pop-ups, and other non-essential items, so you can focus on the content you’re interested in. Here’s how to do it.

Step 1: Open Safari and Navigate to a Web Page

Open your Safari browser on your iPad and go to the web page you want to read.

When you open a web page in Safari on your iPad, you might see lots of ads, banners, and pop-ups. These can be distracting when you’re trying to read an article.

Step 2: Tap on the AA Icon in the Address Bar

Look for the AA icon on the left side of the address bar at the top of your Safari browser and tap on it.

This AA icon is the gateway to your reading mode. It’s small but mighty, offering a range of options to improve your reading experience.

Step 3: Select ‘Show Reader View’

From the dropdown menu that appears after tapping the AA icon, select ‘Show Reader View’.

‘Show Reader View’ is the magic button that transforms your cluttered web page into a clean and readable format.

After you complete these steps, the web page you are on will switch to reading mode. You’ll notice the difference immediately – no more distractions, just a clean layout with text and images. It’s much easier on the eyes and allows for a more focused reading session.

Tips for Using iPad Reading Mode

Now that you know how to enable reading mode on your iPad, here are some additional tips to enhance your reading experience.

  • Adjust the text size in reading mode to find the perfect fit for your eyes. You can make the text bigger or smaller depending on your preference.
  • Change the background color in reading mode to reduce strain on your eyes. You can choose a sepia tone, grey, or even a dark mode if you’re reading at night.
  • You can also adjust the font style in reading mode to make the text even easier to read.
  • If you come across a web page that doesn’t support reading mode, try loading the page again or check back later. Sometimes it takes a moment for the reading mode option to appear.
  • Reading mode is great for long articles or blog posts, but it won’t always work on pages that are primarily images or videos.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use reading mode on any web page?

Not all web pages support reading mode. If the AA icon doesn’t show the ‘Show Reader View’ option, it means that reading mode isn’t available for that page.

Will reading mode save my preferred settings?

Yes, once you adjust the text size, font style, or background color in reading mode, your iPad will remember these settings for the next time you use reading mode.

Can I use reading mode in browsers other than Safari?

Reading mode is a feature specific to Safari. Other browsers may have similar features, but they might work differently or have different names.

Is there a keyboard shortcut to enable reading mode?

There isn’t a keyboard shortcut to enable reading mode directly, but you can tap the AA icon on a connected keyboard’s Safari shortcut bar.

Does reading mode work in landscape mode?

Yes, reading mode works in both portrait and landscape modes on your iPad.


  1. Open Safari and navigate to a web page.
  2. Tap on the AA icon in the address bar.
  3. Select ‘Show Reader View’.


In conclusion, the iPad’s reading mode is a fantastic tool for readers who want a distraction-free environment. It’s incredibly simple to enable and can drastically improve your reading experience. Whether you’re an avid reader of articles, a student doing research, or just someone who enjoys browsing the web, reading mode is a feature you’ll want to take advantage of. The ability to customize text size, background color, and font style further enhances its utility, making it a versatile feature that caters to a wide range of preferences. So, next time you find yourself getting lost in a sea of ads and pop-ups, remember that reading mode is just a few taps away, ready to transform your chaotic page into a serene reading sanctuary. Happy reading!