Formula for Total Revenue in Excel: A Step-by-Step Guide

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By Matthew Simpson

Calculating total revenue in Excel is a piece of cake once you get the hang of it. All it takes is a simple formula that multiplies the number of units sold by the price per unit. This gives you the total revenue – easy peasy, right? Let’s dive into the steps to make it happen.

Step by Step Tutorial: Formula for Total Revenue in Excel

Before we get into the nitty-gritty, let’s understand why we’re doing this. The formula for total revenue is crucial for businesses to track their sales performance. By following these steps, you’ll be able to calculate your total revenue in no time.

Step 1: Enter the number of units sold

Type the number of units sold into a cell in Excel.

When entering the number of units sold, make sure you’re using accurate data. This number is half of the equation, so it’s vital to get it right!

Step 2: Enter the price per unit

In another cell, type in the price you’re selling each unit for.

Similar to the number of units sold, the price per unit must be accurate. This is the other half of your total revenue formula, and any errors here will throw off your entire calculation.

Step 3: Use the multiplication formula

In a new cell, type in the formula "=A1*B1" (without quotes), replacing A1 and B1 with the cell references where you’ve entered the number of units and the price per unit.

Multiplication in Excel is as simple as using an asterisk (*). The formula you enter will multiply the two numbers, giving you the total revenue.

After completing these steps, you’ll see the total revenue displayed in the cell where you entered the formula. Now you have a clear picture of your sales performance!

Tips for Total Revenue Formula in Excel

  • Double-check your cell references to ensure they’re pointing to the correct cells.
  • Use absolute references ($A$1) if you plan on copying the formula to other cells.
  • Format your cells to show currency for a clearer understanding of the total revenue.
  • Keep your data organized to avoid any confusion when entering numbers.
  • If you’re dealing with large datasets, consider using Excel’s "SUMPRODUCT" function for a more dynamic calculation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is total revenue?

Total revenue is the total amount of money generated from the sale of goods or services.

Why is it important to calculate total revenue in Excel?

Calculating total revenue in Excel helps businesses keep track of their sales performance and make informed decisions about pricing and sales strategies.

Can the formula be used for different products or services?

Absolutely. The formula for total revenue is universal and can be used for any type of product or service.

What if I have multiple products at different prices?

You can use the "SUMPRODUCT" function or simply duplicate the formula across multiple rows for each product and then sum the total.

How can I ensure my total revenue calculation is accurate?

Double-check your data entries and formula references, and consider using Excel’s built-in error checking features.


  1. Enter the number of units sold.
  2. Enter the price per unit.
  3. Use the multiplication formula.


Calculating total revenue in Excel can streamline your business’s financial tracking and help you make smarter decisions. With just a few steps and a simple formula, you can easily keep track of your sales performance. Remember, accuracy is key in data entry, and organizing your Excel sheet will save you time and prevent errors. Once you’ve mastered the formula for total revenue in Excel, you’ll unlock a valuable skill that will serve you well in any business endeavor. So why not give it a try? Your bottom line will thank you.