How to Bypass Microsoft Account Windows 11: A Step-by-Step Guide

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By Matthew Simpson

If you’re looking to bypass a Microsoft account on Windows 11, you’ve come to the right place. This process allows you to set up your system without the need for a Microsoft account, enabling you to use a local account instead. Follow these straightforward steps to bypass the Microsoft account requirement during the Windows 11 setup.

Step by Step Tutorial: How to Bypass Microsoft Account Windows 11

This tutorial will guide you through bypassing the Microsoft account setup during Windows 11 installation, helping you create a local account instead.

Step 1: Start Windows 11 Installation

Begin the installation process by booting your computer from the Windows 11 installation media (USB or DVD).

Make sure your installation media is properly connected to your computer. Restart your PC and press the appropriate key (often F12, ESC, or DEL) to enter the boot menu. Select your installation media and proceed with the setup.

Step 2: Select Your Language Preferences

Choose your preferred language, time, and keyboard settings, then click “Next.”

These settings will determine the default language and format options for your Windows 11 installation. Make sure to select the ones that apply to you.

Step 3: Click "Install Now"

Click the “Install Now” button to begin the installation.

This step initiates the actual installation process. Ensure you have backed up your data before proceeding, as this will install a fresh copy of Windows 11.

Step 4: Skip Product Key Entry

If prompted for a product key, click on "I don’t have a product key."

You can enter your product key later. Skipping this step allows you to proceed with the installation without interruption.

Step 5: Choose Windows 11 Edition

Select the Windows 11 edition that matches your product key.

Pick the version of Windows 11 that you’ll be activating. This should match the edition of your product key to ensure proper activation later.

Step 6: Accept License Terms

Read and accept the license terms by checking the box and clicking “Next.”

Ensure you read through the license terms, even if it’s a quick scan, to understand the agreement you’re entering.

Step 7: Select Custom Installation

Choose the “Custom: Install Windows only (advanced)” option.

This option allows you to set up Windows from scratch, giving you more control over the installation process, including skipping the Microsoft account setup.

Step 8: Partition Your Disk

Select the partition where you want to install Windows and click “Next.”

If necessary, create a new partition or delete existing ones. Make sure to choose the correct partition to avoid data loss.

Step 9: Disconnect From the Internet

When prompted to connect to a network, click on “I don’t have internet.”

This step is crucial as it prevents Windows 11 from forcing you to sign in with a Microsoft account. Disconnecting from the internet prompts Windows to allow creating a local account.

Step 10: Set Up a Local Account

Create a local user account by entering a username and password.

Follow the on-screen instructions to set up your local account. This bypasses the Microsoft account requirement and finalizes your Windows 11 installation.

After completing these steps, your Windows 11 installation will proceed using a local account. You’ll be able to enjoy the full functionality of Windows 11 without needing a Microsoft account.

Tips for How to Bypass Microsoft Account Windows 11

  • Backup Your Data: Before starting the installation, back up any important files.
  • Have Product Key Ready: Even though you skip entering a product key initially, keep it handy for later activation.
  • Disconnect Wi-Fi: Disconnect from Wi-Fi before starting the installation to avoid prompts for a Microsoft account.
  • Use a Strong Password: When setting up a local account, choose a strong, memorable password.
  • Update After Installation: Once installed, connect to the internet and update Windows to ensure you have the latest features and security patches.

Frequently Asked Questions: How to Bypass Microsoft Account Windows 11

Can I switch to a Microsoft account later?

Yes, you can switch to a Microsoft account at any time through the settings menu.

Will bypassing the Microsoft account affect updates?

No, you can still receive updates without a Microsoft account.

Can I use OneDrive without a Microsoft account?

No, OneDrive requires a Microsoft account for access.

Is bypassing the Microsoft account legal?

Yes, using a local account is a legitimate option provided by Microsoft.

Can I use Microsoft Store apps with a local account?

Yes, but you may need to sign in with a Microsoft account to download apps.

Summary of Steps

  1. Start Windows 11 Installation.
  2. Select Your Language Preferences.
  3. Click "Install Now."
  4. Skip Product Key Entry.
  5. Choose Windows 11 Edition.
  6. Accept License Terms.
  7. Select Custom Installation.
  8. Partition Your Disk.
  9. Disconnect From the Internet.
  10. Set Up a Local Account.


Bypassing the Microsoft account on Windows 11 allows you to use a local account, giving you more control over your privacy and data. It’s a straightforward process that can be accomplished by following the steps outlined above. Remember to back up your data and have your product key ready. If you need to use Microsoft services like OneDrive or the Microsoft Store, you can sign in with a Microsoft account later. This tutorial has provided you with a detailed guide on how to bypass the Microsoft account Windows 11 requirement, empowering you to set up your system the way you want. For further reading, consider exploring ways to optimize your Windows 11 experience or enhance your system’s security. Happy computing!